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Name:Anthony DiNozzo Jr.
Birthdate:Jul 19, 1972
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NAME: Anthony DiNozzo
CANON: Ep. 200: Life Before His Eyes
AGE: 38
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

There's only one force on Earth that can short circuit a man's better instincts, put fire in his veins and make him dive head-long into danger without regard for his well being. Vengeance. I'm here to kill you.

Tony’s a bit of a mess of a person. He has an outer personality that he shows to the world and an inner personality that he keeps mostly to himself. Occasionally, it slips through the cracks, but only around those he trusts with his life - or when he’s on the verge of breaking down. He’s a mess of contradictions, immaturity, insecurities, and sarcasm. Not exactly the kind of guy you want to bring home to Mom.

On the outside, Tony is a jokester; a guy who can’t take anything seriously, who hits on any woman with a great pair of legs. A guy you can have a lot of fun with, but not the kind of person you’d expect serious, in depth relationships out of. He knows just the right thing to say to get a girl to swoon and has a smile that has likely broken hundreds of hearts. He’s a funny man, but he just can’t seem to get his act together. He’s always smiling, always the first with a witty one-liner or a hilarious joke. But people don’t want fun and games all the time, do they?

He’s a movie buff; a nerd with the disguise of cool cloaking him. He could name any movie title, any actor, any director, producer, awards both nominated and actually won. He could relate any situation to any scene and he could bring every romantic moment from any film to life for a girl when he really wants to. His knowledge is impressive, though sometimes annoying with how often he references pieces no one knows. He uses it to his advantage, thinking outside the box to solve cases by relating them to the way certain movies play out. It makes him creative and unique.

He seem to really, really enjoy women; though lately, his dating record has plummeted. While he still knows just the right things to say and the right way to get a girl to go on a date with him, when it comes to actually wooing, it’s hit or miss these days. Tony’s love for Jeanne has messed with his meter on how to score. He talks about himself too much, his feelings, his ex, his job, making rookie mistakes that any experienced dater would know better at by his age. Because of this, a man who had never gone more than a few days without having sex is suddenly nearly celibate for three years. It makes him snappish - frustrated. And he likes taking it out on other people.

When Tony gets angry, he has a tendency to take it out on those around him. He snaps more, yells at people for simple things that they may not even have control over. He is the complete opposite of the person most people usually see. He is nothing but serious; jokes make him angrier, laughing or having fun becomes something he simply can’t do. He expects the impossible out of people to correct the reasons why he’s angry in the first place. His temper has strained relationships, but those who know him know it always passes and are usually able to ride it out.

When Tony is depressed, he outwardly jokes more. He hides his pain behind the mask of a clown, as Gibbs once put it to his father. He pulls pranks on McGee or Ziva, he laughs more; a smile doesn’t get people prodding with questions, after all. When he’s alone, he drinks - a lot. A habit he likely picked up from his parents, but has been able to keep under more control than either of them ever really could.

He can often come across as extremely dramatic, often exaggerating the tiniest of injuries for attention and sympathy. He will whine and carry on to get people to pity him, to sympathize with his pain and care for him. He will also hold onto grudges longer than necessary and it takes a lot to get back on his good side once you get off of it.

Tony appears confident; arrogant, even. He seems comfortable in everything about himself. He is able to carry himself with the air of someone who has themselves figured out and knows that you want to figure him out too. He seems to think he’s the best of the best, someone extremely awesome that you just have to be friends with.

Inwardly, Tony is not any of these things. He is a mess of insecurity; he consistently finds ways to make sure people can reassure him that he is needed and loved. He has classic only-child syndrome, especially for one coming from a seemingly wealthy family. He is terrified of being forgotten, of losing the people he cares about. He doesn’t know how to really trust people to not leave him and so he keeps up his shield of comedy to keep people at a distance. He runs when people get too close.

Tony wants to be adored. He wants love and he wants people to recognize him. He wants to be the center of attention because he never got to be in his youth. He is dependent on the acceptance of others and finds rejection very hard to handle. It rattles him and he can’t understand when people don’t like him since he tries so hard to be friendly and personable. He will usually push for people to like him and accept him - which usually only causes them to be further annoyed and want to keep him away. It’s a vicious cycle.

Tony sees a therapist for most of this. It suggests that, despite his happy appearance, Tony is pretty unhappy with himself. He needs someone to talk to about the hard time - and he’s certainly had enough of them. He hates that he can’t seem to get into a stable relationship, wanting what he had with Jeanne again, but finding it hard to open up and get close enough to do so. Commitment is terrifying to him and so he finds ways to make sure it never happens.

Despite all this, Tony is extremely loyal to the people he cares about. While he comes across as a jerk to his friends sometimes (most... of the time...), he would do anything for them and doesn’t tolerate others making fun of them in the way that he does. He defends them to the death and would risk life and limb to make sure they were kept safe. Friends are his chosen family; when he makes them, they are there for life. Because of this, betrayal is something Tony can’t handle and has no respect for. The moment someone becomes seen as a traitor in any light, they stay on his black list. He is anything but kind to them and doesn’t reach out to understand their reasonings. Trust is trust and breaking it is unacceptable, even for the most noble of reasons. There are few who have done so and been able to make it up to him; Gibbs seems to pretty much be the only one.

He tries very hard to be sympathetic with people who haven’t done him wrong, however. He tries his best to help them through issues, to cheer them up when they’re down. He likes to make people smile; it makes him feel better about himself. If other people are happy, he can be happy. So despite his sarcastic sense of humor, he can be a very kind individual when people need it.

Complex as he may be, Tony is also very simple and easily pleased. Those who show him kindness get kindness in return, and those who do not get treated like crap. He is easily entertained, easily kept happy, and probably one of the better guys that people could get to know.

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